What Are Police Foundations?

Police Foundations Harm Black, Brown and Indigenous Communities.

Amid mounting evidence that many police departments routinely display both implicit bias and outright racism, reports show that corporate America continues to pour millions of dollars into the police.

Police Foundations

Police foundations

We examined police foundations in 23 cities, and identified the corporate affiliations of over 1200 directors and sponsors. Here’s what we found:

REVENUE TO police foundations

Police Foundation Funding

Revenue to Police Foundations

Police Foundation Funding

How Police foundations use funding

corporatE funders of police foundations

How police Foundations Use Funding

Corporate Funders of police foundations

Beyond the statement


In the aftermath of the police murder of George Floyd, the fight for racial justice became a global movement. While it’s critical that companies, brands, and celebrities take a stand against racism, tweets and statements alone won’t change material conditions for Black people. Corporations must put their money where their mouth is and follow through on commitments to divest from violent policing and invest in Black communities and Black futures.

After several conversations with Color Of Change and being made aware of police foundation harms, Coca-Cola has stepped down from the Atlanta Police Board  effective April 2021.

Platinum Sponsors of Police Brutality

Nearly every major U.S. city has a police foundation that allows corporations to privately fund police. Police Foundations in Atlanta, Louisville, New York City, and Los Angeles deserve special recognition for their tireless efforts to fund and enable police violence.

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A Corporate-Sponsored Threat to Democracy